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I asked them to tint my car and they made it happen without hassle and at a reasonable price. -Michael Davis

Great service!!! Fast and really reasonable prices. My safety check didnt pass because of front strip of tint on my truck was pass the legal line so I got a temporary safety, so I called MD and got an appointment same day an hour after safety, and they helped me out within 15 min., cool group of workers, and I was able to get my safety check completed the same day. Thanks MD
 glass tinting! -Bryan R.

Authorized Dealer


Michael and his team provided me with a top-notch tint service. He gave me same day service and high quality Solar Gard Window Tint. My car was broken into so I needed my window replaced and tinted. He finished the tint job in less than 45 mins. You should remember when tinting your auto windows you really need to use ceramic film. It is superior quality compared to just cheap films. I am so pleased to have found MD tinting. In the near future I will be bringing another vehicle in for replacement tinting of my front 2 windows for my truck. (Crappy window film was used because I was looking for "cheap" not quality). I can't wait to use MD tinting again and get my truck looking and feeling much cooler. Mahalos MD tinting \m/ -Samuel A.

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From saving tons of money on your energy bills to enhancing the look of your automobile, home or commercial office you can count on the outstanding services of our professionals at MD Tint & Detail. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, a dedication to quality work and a passion for outstanding customer service, you're sure to find everything to fit your window tinting needs.

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